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Premium Sweets brings "Panta-Ilish Festival" to celebrate Bengali New Year 1423
After 45 years of independence, inspired with theme" Bring Energy, Bring light, Bring Peace & Bring Satisfaction" Bangladesh government announced a special bonus for Bengali New Year Celebration. In affirmation with that theme, life-style brand Premium Sweets proudly organizing five day long traditional “Panta – Ilish Festival” with a motto, “Boishakh Is My Festival Right” to celebrate Bangla New Year 1423.
The jubilant celebration will be at Premium Sweets, Gulshan Circle 2, Gulshan 1 and UttaraRabindra Sharani branches from 13 April mid night till 17 April Mid night. In addition, for the first time, Premium Sweets has introduced white and red coloured gorgeous floral design gift boxes for sweets, dazzling gift hampers and alluring sweet platters with traditional sweets, pithas (traditional Bengali treats) and yogurt. To make tradition of gift giving an easy affair on this occasion, Premium has introduced Gift Certificates for friends, families, colleagues and expats living in Bangladesh.
With Country-branding motif, Premium has introduced finest Bengal sweets and traditional Bengali cuisine in clay pots in Bangladesh and Canada. Premium Sweet products are also available in 14 countries. Recognized globally as one of the best corporate managed companies, thecompany employs over 5000 trained professionals globally and enjoys the reputation of being the most luxurious brand of sweet from Asia.
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That's really nice to see!!! Premium sweets Doing pantha Elish Utshob
Posted on : 2016-04-11
Posted By : Ishita Parvin