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Express Yourself.
Add a Fresh Fruit Basket.

All of life’s big moments give you a choice to express your taste and persona. A Sweet gift basket is affirming a sweet moment of celebration, a must tradition in wedding rituals or corporate gift giving. Adding a fresh fruit gift basket with sweet gift is sign of your appealing and healthy choice.

For last 16 years we have been preparing gift basket with fresh seasonal fruits for occasions like Housewarming, Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Good Luck, Graduation, New Baby, Bridal Shower, Haldi, Engagement, and Business Gift.

We have over 300 varieties of decorative ribbons, wrapping papers, wrapping fabrics and basket. Just bring your fruits or let our qualified buyers get fruits of your choice. You will love our fresh fruit bouquet creation.

We accept walk-in orders if you bring the fruits. Give us adequate time to create your desired basket. If we source fresh fruits of your choice, we recommend to place you order at least 7 days in advance.
All orders need to be paid in advance.