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Premium Cham Cham ( 4.4 )

Fresh, bright, milky, and mild Queso fresco (aka "Fresh cheese”, or “Homemade cottage cheese” “Chenna”) homogeneously mixed with malted milk, ricotta cheese, semolina and pure saffron. Elegantly cooked in boiling frothed lightly sweetened sugar syrup.

Full bodied, soft and sweet, mouthful feeling dessert Cham Cham has been most desirable dessert choice in Indian subcontinent for over three centuries, another creation by Bengal chefs for its distinctive after taste. A prefect dessert goes with Misty Doi (Sweet Yogurt) after a semi spicy meal.

Additional Information
Unit Count : (Appx.) 12 Pcs per 1000 gm
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Storage Instruction : Keep refrigerated.
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