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Wedding Cake has been part of the marriage ceremony ever since medieval times. Originally cakes were made of wheat, which was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. As a relic of once performed fertility rites, these 'wedding cakes' would have been thrown at the bride.

Around 1900 years ago the Romans began baking wheat and salt into small cakes to be eaten. During the ceremony the groom would eat part of a loaf of this barley bread and then he would break the rest over his bride's head. This was taken as a sign of good fortune and a blessing for long life and many children. The guests would try and obtain a crumb for themselves, as they too believed they would then share in the good fortune and future prosperity of the couple. It was only the children born to the couple whose marriage had been celebrated this way that could qualify for high office in Roman culture. Not only did the cake give good fortune to the couple, it insured a bright future for their as yet unborn children.

In the minds of most people, wedding cakes are supposed to be white. The symbolism attached to the color white, makes explaining this tradition rather simple. White has always denoted purity, was originally referred to as the bride's cake. Today, that link is being further strengthened as more contemporary brides have contemporary wedding cakes coordinated with their wedding gown color, even if it's not white! Bottom line, a white wedding cake became an outward symbol of affluence.

Wedding cakes take center stage in the traditional cake cutting ceremony, symbolically the first task that bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife. The bride with the “help” of the groom cuts the first piece of wedding cake. After the cake cutting ceremony, the couple proceeds to feed one other from first slice. This provides another lovely piece of symbolism, the mutual commitment of bride and groom to provide for one another.

The once simple wedding cake has evolved into what today is a multi-tiered extravaganza. There are some brides today who can't resist saving the top layer of her multi-tiered cake. Couples freeze the wedding cake with the intention of sharing it on their first wedding anniversary.

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