Anjeer Haluwa

A culinary heritage Anjeer Halwa is well-known for its digestive value and lip-smacking taste. Gentle combination of pureed dry figs with premium ghee, light sugar, almonds and cardamom. This aromatic softy malleable dessert is an absolute longing!

Cashew Haluwa

Cashew Haluwa, a lovely assortment of cashew nuts and almonds blended with milky cream, honey and premium ghee. Scrumptious dessert, widely adored in Indian subcontinents, Europe and South America. Every mouthful is a pure delight, leaves a delighted relish in the mouth.

Mogul Haluwa

Purely delicious fudge since 1526. Mughal Halwa is made of wheat flower, ghee, sugar and boost. This sweet halwa is not only fabulous in taste, also good for digestion. This delicious halwa carries a culinary heritage from our elderlies.

Muskat Haluwa

Glossy glassy dazzling Maskat Halwa is a darling to halwa lovers ranging from Indian subcontinent to European, Arabian and North American. Chewy, gooey, buttery textured delight holds a blend of flour, cashew nuts, raisins and sugar, cooked in premium ghee. A complete appetizing and gazing pleasure to the dissert table.

Pista Haluwa

Mouth-watering Pesta Halwa is a lip smacking nutty crunchy dessert, exquisite to any sweet lovers. Dry fruits, cherry, pistachio, flour and sugar, cooked in premium ghee, mildly flavoured with fresh cardamom. Hard to resist fibered dessert , one single nibble pulls to the next.

Carrot Borfi

Very delightful after meal sweet or even coffee or teatime confection. Distinct aftertaste of carrot, fresh, bright, milky, and mild Queso fresco (a.k.a. “fresh cheese” or “Homemade cottage cheese” or “Chenna), saffron, premium ghee, velvety thickened milk and aromatic vanilla. Exceptional taste and radiant appearance makes it a must included item for any wedding sweet… Continue reading Carrot Borfi

Kaju Borfi

Cashew nuts and barfi is a type of Indian sweet, usually in the form of lozenge. Barfi is often but not always, made by thickening milk with sugar and other ingredients (dry fruits and mild spices). It is then spread in a flat, shallow dish and cut into bite-sized pieces. Top cover by silver leaf.