dal and chal

By 2012, Premium Sweets added dine in service, offering signature dishes for family dining experience in selected shop locations in Bangladesh and Canada. Today, Premium sweets carries the same legacy, under newly branded “Dal & Chal” restaurants offering most popular South Asian festive & wedding dishes and ready to eat meals. 

 “Dal & Chal” highlights our generation’s newfound mania for traditional, old-fashioned slow cooked dishes for an instant festive mood, a heritage British India continued nearly for over two centuries after famous Mughal era. It’s our way of appreciating an age-old culinary practice, a nostalgia beyond samosa love, a crave that connects us to our grandmother’s favourite recipes, age-old cooking methods, the art of pickling, a rich cuisine where Dal (Lentil) and Chal (Rice) has been significant for over 6 centuries.  Dal & Chal is about going back to South Asian roots and appreciating what our mother or grandmother did.